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Joining forces to establish a centre for the arts in Clonmel - Clonmel Arts Partnership

Joining forces to establish a centre for the arts in Clonmel - Clonmel Arts Partnership

May 30, 2022

Article from Tipperary Live - 28 May 2022 2:59 PM

Three organisations in Clonmel have joined forces to establish the town as a centre for the arts. South Tipperary Arts Centre, Clonmel Junction Arts Festival and Finding a Voice are working together as the Clonmel Arts Partnership. Together they are growing audiences for the arts in Clonmel as well as collaborating on programmes. The Arts Partnership see an opportunity for the arts to become part of the identity of Clonmel town. Arts-based placemaking stimulates local economies and leads to increased innovation, cultural diversity, and civic engagement. “We want Clonmel to be known for the arts, and to show how transformative a really strong arts programme can be for a town. Offering exciting and interesting events for those living in and visiting the town, as well as supporting artists in the region, will enhance Clonmel and make it a great place to live, work and visit,” says Helena Tobin, Director of South Tipperary Arts Centre. South Tipperary Arts Centre are using a previously vacant premises in the Kickham Barracks for artist residencies. It will be opened as a venue for performances this autumn, adding a much-needed space for performative arts in Clonmel. The space will host live music performances, theatre shows, and dance events.

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Photo by John Kelly

L to R: Helena Tobin, Artistic Director, South Tipp Arts Centre, Cliona Maher, Artistic Director, Clonmel Junction Arts Festival, Roísín Maher, Artistic Director, Finding a Voice Festival

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