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Opening of 'Presence' by Ed Devane

Opening of 'Presence' by Ed Devane

July 5, 2022
'Presence' by Ed Devane opened on Friday 1st July @6pm at South Tipperary Arts Centre.

Friday 1st July saw the annual return of Clonmel Junction Arts Festival for 10 days of Art, Theatre, Music and more!

This year we are delighted to once again partner with our friends at the festival to bring you 'Presence' by Ed Devane, which opened here at STAC on Friday evening.

The installation consists of two new sound sculptures that interact with visitors through mechanical and electronic means as well as collaborative approaches, to create sequences of musical sounds. An acoustic and electronic sound sculpture hanging from the ceiling reacts to foot traffic below in unpredictable ways: a degree of uncertainty and randomness is baked into the logic underlying the system.

Taking this idea of unexpected results a step further, and in a way designed to involve a deeper engagement from exhibition visitors, the second piece presents a physical sequencer in the form of a large rotating disc that activates sounding processes and events. Chance and randomness will come head to head with determinism and the will of the system.

Ed also hosted some free instrument making workshops for adults and children over the weekend. 'Presence' is open from 10am to 5pm Monday to Saturday until August 20th.

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