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#ShowUp for Art - new campaign from Arts Council Ireland

#ShowUp for Art - new campaign from Arts Council Ireland

February 21, 2024
Arts Council launches #ShowUp – A campaign encouraging young people to ‘Show Up’ for the art that connects them to community.

The Arts Council has launched an online campaign to encourage young people to Show Up for the arts, inviting them to connect with their sense of self and to find community.

This campaign has emerged from the Arts Council’s 2023 ‘Arts Insight’ research, which indicated a decline in positive sentiment among young people towards the arts and arts spaces. In addition, the 2022 ‘Arts Insight’ findings showed a drop-off in attendance among all age groups post Covid, but particularly among 18 to 24-year-olds.

The research suggests that fewer young people are forming a habit in terms of attending arts events. Young people have not had many opportunities to build connections or a sense of belonging in arts spaces. The expense associated with engaging with any form of the arts was seen as prohibitive. The cost-of-living crisis is also cited as a barrier for young people engaging in and with cultural events, where paid entrance is required – however many free or affordable events take place in a vast range of spaces and centres.  

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